Parks Highway MP 44-52
IRIS #s: Z529140000, Z529290000, Z543730000/Federal #s: 0A41025, 0A41026, 0A41029


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Project Description

In 2006, the Parks Highway became the 2nd designated safety corridor in Alaska due to number and high severity of crashes in the corridor. In 2010 the State of Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities finalized the environmental assessment for the project, selected the preferred alternative, and received a Finding of No Significant Impact for the Parks Highway MP 44-52 Lucus Road to Big Lake Road project from the Federal Highway Administration. The environmental assessment finding cleared the way for the detailed design work to begin which will significantly improve safety of the highway. Completion of the project will allow the safety corridor designation to be removed.

The design incorporates techniques that control access to the highway which will increase the capacity, manage congestion and reduce crashes. The key access management features along the Parks include:

  • Divided highway with grassy median
  • Limit spacing of at-grade intersections to every 1/2 mile
  • Minimize number of median openings
  • Design for U-turns at median openings
  • Improve and extend frontage roads where feasible
  • Add parallel roads when frontage roads are not feasible
  • Driveway consolidation

To see how your travel routes will change with Phase 3 construction, look at the overview drawings on the documents page.

Phase 1, Lucus Road to Church Road is complete.

Phase 2, Church Road to Pittman Road is complete. 

Phase 3, Pittman Road to Big Lake Road. Right-of-way acquisition negotiations and utility agreements are underway. These are the critical path for Phase 3 and have caused delays outside of DOT&PF’s control. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2019 or after. Detailed design is continuing through right-of-way acquisition.

Keep checking the project web site as the team periodically posts updated information showing the design in progress. Visit the public involvement page to send the team questions or comments. 

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